Sunday, September 8, 2013

Make a Name for Yourself During the Law Enforcement Hiring Process

Law Enforcement is one of the most rewarding careers you could ever find. But to actually experience that reward for yourself you first have to get hired. And if you've looked into a law enforcement career at all then you know that getting hired is a daunting process!
The process you have to go through to actually make it into the ranks of the nations law enforcement officers, is above and beyond that of any other career.

Navigating your way through this 9 phase (minimally) hiring process is a job in of itself. And this job requires preparation. Walking into the hiring process with no preparation or just some advice from a friend can only result in a couple outcomes.
#1 - You don't make it through the hiring process.
#2 - You do ok in the hiring process, but you stand out. So you end up being too low on the hiring list to ever actually get hired.

The reality is that the majority of law enforcement applicants don't prepare. Or their preparation only consists of asking some buddies for advice. This is a big problem, but it's a big problem that you can use to your advantage.

You see, if no one else is prepared and you are. You'll stand out above all other applicants. This means that even though there are hundreds of applicants vying for a single position, you will be the one who gets noticed.

In this day it's crucial to get noticed, it's not enough to just make it through the hiring process. You have to make a name for yourself through it.

With the current economy, law enforcement has become somewhat of a gold rush. There are people from every walk of life fighting for the few open law enforcement positions. The security, high pay and excitement of the career have lured people over from their once profitable financial or real estate professions. 

The other issue with the current economy is that local, state and federal law enforcement agencies are in a state of budget crisis. So instead of filling their ranks to the fullest they're only able to keep minimum staffing. 

This leaves fewer available jobs and a lot more applicants. It has never been more competitive than it is right now to get hired into law enforcement.

But don't panic. If law enforcement is your dream, then you should pursue it. Agencies need great applicants. Just go in completely prepared for the hiring process. 

Each phase requires specific preparation. There are plenty of resources out there that outline what each phase consists of, but you need a resource that prepares you to excel at each phase. Beyond that, you need a resource that gives you personal insight into each phase. It's this insight that you can use to get noticed and make a name for yourself.

Without this preparation, no matter how good you would be at the job, you won't get the chance to show it. Before you can be a great law enforcement officer you need to be a great law enforcement applicant!

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