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"With one look." Video marketing is the key to stupendous online success. Here's what you need to know about it and how to be instructed FREE by a master of the genre.

by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

 Author's program note. This article will change your life, IF you read  it carefully  and are conscientious about implementing its very specific  recommendations.  That's right, you are just minutes away from a sea change in your  circumstances,  giving you financial success beyond your imagination, a worldwide  business capable  of any amount of growth, universal recognition, and deference,  delicious, delightful,  designed to enrapture every single day. What's not to like?

 How will this happen? Let's start with some sage advice from a man you  know, his songs the ones you whistle while you work, Lord Andrew  Lloyd-Weber,  (born 1948) a man who understands mass media as well as anyone on our  spinning  rock and has used them with exhilarating effect .

 The work I want to bring to your attention today is "Sunset Boulevard", a   narcissistic 1950 film about media, especially the films emanating from  Hollywood  in its Golden Age; their impact, their power and glory, their soaring  qualities and unparalleled potential for delusion and pathos, pain and heartbreak.  They are  the true drugs of our age, and we have all enjoyed them, perhaps not  wisely but  oh so well, their characters in their thousands being more real to us  than the very  neighbors who live next door.

 His lordship took this iconic film with Gloria Swanson eerily role  perfect as Norma  Desmond, and transformed it into a musical production that draws us into a make-  believe world more real than any reality, more captivating, more  enthralling, more  vital and alive, hence more thrilling and dangerous than our placid,  dull, boring truth,  which always loses out to the undoubted magic of the movies.

 This media magic has made thousands rich and favored; the people we  admire,  look up to, envy and covet, hoping we will succeed as they have; afraid  that without  timely, specific help and lots of it, we cannot.

 Now I intend to show you how you can join them, profiting without ever  leaving your  favorite chair and worn slippers. For this is the magic of online video  marketing, and  I am your faithful guide and director into its secrets and mysteries.  But first, go to any  search engine, there find Lloyd-Weber's gem "With One Look". I prefer  Elaine Paige's  rendition. I heard her sing it in London after its 1993 debut... it sent  chills down my spine  then; it sends chills down my spine now, so many years later.

 Let us begin then... your fabulous, enhanced future awaits. Don't miss  it.

 Mass media begin.

 Mass media began in the 18th century with print publications like "The  Times"  of London. Nicknamed "The Thunderer" by Charles Dickens it instantly  showed the  combustible power that could result when messenger, message and a  designated  population connected and worked together. People took notice of this  astonishing  alchemy; people always do when money and all its attendant features --  power, glory,  peerages of the realm imperial and eternal renown -- are at issue.

 The means have changed since media's hoary inception but the objective  never has,   to move the world howsoever you want... while packing benefits away  faster than the  most efficient of industrious autumnal squirrels.

 The chief way things have evolved is that now, you, you!, can run a  media empire  larger than the one on which the sun never set, from the comfort of your home,  at once so simple and potent, an apparatus that great personages like  Caesar, Napoleon, and Abraham Lincoln would have moved heaven and earth to own,  control,  understand and use, along with every bright mover and shaker on Earth.

 Such people would have read this article with avidity, joy, and seething mind... for they  understood that using these media would have given them the thrilling,  rousing,  stimulating, motivating means to move people everywhere to their desired end. This  means you, for what was once available only to the elite (and not so  very long ago) is  now available to anyone, everyone so long as she is willing to follow  the necessary  steps to transcendent success. Are you?

 Meet your guide, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, man of media.

 The first thing you need is a faithful guide, someone who will advise  you with a  mixture of truth, integrity, good humor, and blunt directness, each  element necessary,  each significant, the whole altogether precious, rare and essential. My  friend, I  herewith present my credentials for your immediate review.

 Born 2/16/1947, I hold 4 university degrees, including two from Harvard  which is  right across the street from where I am writing this frigid winter's  night. My media  career commenced over 60 years ago when, aged 5, my first article  appeared  in the "Downer's Grove (Ilinois) Reporter." I needed help then to  achieve the  desired result; just as you need help now to achieve yours. My mother  was my  guide; her first-born son is yours.

 Since then I have mastered and used every form of media but one. I have  never tap- danced on Broadway (still not too late). All the others are my oyster,  including print  publications ranging from the mass market names which are household  words to the  obscure, esoteric, path-finding, each a labor of love. I have appeared  on film, on radio  (local and international), on television (including every major  network), I have created  my own videos and been a feature in those created  by others. I have  been a  commentator (as I am nowadays at on a wide-ranging  gallery  of subjects timely, pertinent, general and specific.

 I have written 18 books, thousands of articles including  a series on the Boston Marathon killers which the good people at CNN  informed me  had reached over a billion people. I am glad, for the event sickened and disheartened  me, and my observations were trenchant, factual, emotional,  heart-rending; it was  an honor to share them with my fellow voyagers on this third rock from  the sun.

 Along the way, I have taught marketing, public relations, and  communications at  over 30 colleges and  universities where it has been my privilege to  help thousands  of (usually) adult learners master essential truths and procedures that  give them a leg  up in life's ongoing, relentless competition.

 Now I am ready to help YOU! And, yes, I  intend to help you master  online video  marketing FREE, NOW! Here's how.

 1) Go to Become a free associate and listen to my  17-minute  video.

 2) Attend my daily program "Anything Goes". It takes place at 1 pm  Eastern at It is live and interactive. Don't be surprised when I  say "Hi!"  Say "Hi!" back.

 3) Get  yourself a webcam and headset. Their cost runs from $15-30, and  they  are immediately available at any store selling computer accessories.

 4) Then get ready for the best instruction on the 'net. My esteemed and  brilliant  colleague George Kosch teaches you how to master prospect lead  development.  Remember, the money's in the list, and you must promote daily to achieve maximum  results. We show you how to do that, guiding you productively every step of the way.    We call this "bootcamp", and it's guaranteed to help you develop the  prospect  lists which are absolutely necessary for online success.

 5) From George's essential prospect list-development class, you will  proceed  to mine... and then the fun truly begins, for as soon as your webcam and headset  are set up properly (make sure they are), I bring you up and ask you to  smile for  the camera... thus to commence your dazzling, your dizzying upward  career  benevolent "To my people in the dark/ still out there in the dark."

 Without even knowing so, they have been waiting for you, your  friendliness, your  consideration, and the best offers you will make to them, thereby  transforming,  ameliorating, always bettering their lives. It all begins "with one  look", the look I shall  help you craft and perfect... the look that signifies everything,  delivers everything,  improves everything for you and your suddenly expectant world... the  world  about to thrill to your appearance.... and rejoice.

 Don't keep us all waiting even another minute...

About the Author Harvard-educated Dr. Jeffrey Lant is CEO of Worldprofit, Inc. providing a wide range of online services for small and-home based businesses Republished with author's permission by Ruthsella Corasol

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